GNLD Product Videos

Here you will find GNLD Product Videos:

GNLD International's Omega 3 Salmon Oil Plus - Another world first!

GNLD Omega 3 Salmon Oil Plus is the worlds first and (as at Nov. 2012) ONLY complete omega 3 fish oil supplement to carry standardized amounts of ALL 8 members of the omega fatty acids family. Clinical studies prove that it helps reduce inflammation and bad cholesterol.

GNLD's Carotenoid Complex - yet another world first product.

GNLD scientists developed Carotenoid Complex in the early 1990's and GNLD has been granted a worldwide patent on this product, which is the only supplement that has been tested by the USDA and can rightfully claim to be an immune boosting supplement. It has been shown to increase immune function by upto 37% in just 21 days.

GNLD's Ecofriendly Biodegradable Home Care Products explained.

GNLD's John Miller shares the story and philosophy behind GNLD's low dose - low burden homecare products. Between Super 10 and LDC, they have saved over 500 million bottles from going to landfill.

GNLD's Nutriance Skin Care Product Range 

Look younger for longer with GNLD's proven 5 step formula. GNLD's John Miller explains how Nutriance may just be the best skin care product range in the market today.

GNLD's GR2 Control Weight Loss Program.

Are all weight loss products and supplements created equal? Of course not - here is an explanation on why I firmly believe that GNLD's GR2 Control is the most effective weight management solution in the market today.

GNLD's Aloe Vera Plus health drink

GNLD's Aloe vera plus is a refreshing blend of aloe vera gel, green tea, herbs, minerals all sweetened naturally with fruit sugars. A great tasting natural health drink.

GNLD International's Tre - an advanced liquid nutritional supplement.

The twin evils associated with ageing are inflammation and oxidation - Tre contains a mixture of berries and other exotic ingredients designed to fight inflammation and oxidation.

GNLD's Provitality Pack - 3 world first products together!

GNLD's Provitality pack is a winderful way to bridge some of the gaps in our modern diets. It contains Tre en en grain concentrates, Carotenoid Complex and Omega 3 salmon oil plus, all packaged in a modern, convenient satchet.

GNLD International's LDC to the Rescue!

GNLD LDC has been credited with helping to rescue over 20,000 oil soaked penguins in the year 2000. Operation penguin was (and remains) the worlds largest animal rescue oeration and GNLD's LDC was the only product that could safely remove the oil from the penguins without harming them, the environment or the people who were cleaning them.